So begins my second day at work. Surprisingly I did not suffer any separation anxiety but perhaps Fraser did? Matt had a tough day because he tried to put Fraser down for a nap one hour earlier than normal and he wasn’t having any of that. He starting crying and got so worked up and overtired that he wouldn’t go to sleep at all. Then Matt got confused with the feeding schedule and fed Fraser a bottle at 5pm instead of solids and so he fell asleep! I got home at about 6.15pm and thought we might wake him up at 6.30pm and go out to meet some friends for dinner. That way, he’d be awake til around 9.30pm and he could go back to bed and hopefully sleep through til 6am or so. Well that plan didnt work either. He had quite a disrupted night’s sleep and I didn’t have much sleep due to Matt’s snoring! I’m not used to hearing his snoring because I would normally be asleep before he is. Now that Matt isn’t up late working we go to bed at the same time and he flakes out quick smart. *sigh*

So, Matt’s first day as Home Dad was a bit rough. Hopefully by the end of the week Fraser, and Matt, will be used to each other.

Back to school..err… work

Ok, so I am back at work today. Haven’t been hit by separation anxiety yet. I was home for long enough to put Frase down for his morning nap. His naps seems to have broken the 40minute barrier now and he slept 1.5 hours. So I’d gone before he woke up. Matt hasn’t had any luck getting him down for his lunchtime nap. Maybe his routine is changing now that his naps are longer.
To commiserate my return to work I went for a *shop*. Bought a new Oroton brown tote bag, a brown country road cardi, some white Marcs pants. Brown is my new black. I think I’m a few seasons behind but I’ve never cared for that anyway.

Fraser is a little terror around the apartment now that he’s crawling. I’m amazed at how quick he is. So far he has managed to pull the garbage bin over a couple of times and he’s kneeling up by pulling himself up from the knobs on the low kitchen drawers and I’ve caught him kneeling in his cot. Will have to lower the mattress now.


weight = 8.6kg
length = 69.5cm

Donna from the Early childhood centre thinks that Frase is waking at 3-4am because of hunger. I can try re-introducing a rollover feed late at night – 10-11pm, or feed him when he wakes at3am. So we’ll give the rollover a go for a week and see if that helps him to sleep longer.
She told us that as we have no food allergies between us that it’s fine for him to eat anything except for honey until 12 months. Also need to keep boiling water until 12 months. Cows milk is fine for him to have on cereal.
DUe to various family eyesight issues she recommended that we get his eyes tested before he starts school.
And, he was crawling like a trooper today.

Creepy Crawly

Yaaay! Frase has started crawling today. Yesterday he was doing these little bunny hops .. he had the hands going one in front of the other but didnt have knees happening.. he’d sort of “jump” his legs forward. I knew proper crawling was close. He’s not an expert yet but he’s definitely got it figured out. So glad he started crawling before I went back to work. Would have hated to miss that.
We went to see nana yesterday, (my nana), and he was such a good boy. He got pretty tired at one stage and fell asleep in my lap with minimal bum patting. I laid him down on a couple of blankets that Nana had made up as a bed for him and he slept amongst all our talking for 20 or 30 mins!
Tomorrow is a clinic visit and Fraser will get weighed and measured. Matt’s coming as well so that he can get all the rules about solids etc.
That’s about it.

Oh yes, and I am an Avon lady now. *Ding**Dong*

bla bla bla

I noticed this morning that Fraser has his second bottom tooth poking through. He’s eating alot more now. Three meals a day. In the morning I’ve been giving him pureed Two Fruits mixed into rice cereal. Lunch is usually a savoury followed by sweet and dinner is the same. He loves pumpkin so I boil up a half a butternut pumpkin and thaw it out with my pre-made cubes of sweet potato and carrot. Desserts are usually some fruit gel or yoghurt. I’ve been trying to get him used to drinking from a spout but all he does so far is chew on it. No forward movements yet with the crawling yet but getting close, I think.
Lately, Fraser has been vocalising a lot more. HE goes between a frustrated growl when he’s bored to a “bla bla bla bla”. I’d love it if he could say mumumum before I start back at work but I’m not too hopeful.

Matt the homeboy

Well.. the decision has been made, paperwork filed.. I am starting back to fulltime work on the 20th. I’ll be honest and say it was the last thing I wanted. Unfortunately Matt decided to drop the bomb last Sunday, after our holiday, that he didnt want to go back to work. After an hour or so of having the waterworks going it was with a reluctant acceptance that I made enquiries about returning to work fulltime. There goes my plan of re-organising the apartment now that Matt was to finally get his butt into an office. *sob*
We talked about him getting a contract or something short term but with my maternity leave $$ hanging over my head it seemed smarter to just rip the band-aid off and go back. The idea is slowly growing on me but I’m not sure whether I’ve just talked myself into it or I’m genuinely interested in going back to work. The positives are thatwe’ll have money coming in again, it’ll make Matt aware of what’s involved with the baby so that I can get out of the house to go to the dentist and other things like that without having to wait for baby-free days. I’m expecting that Matt will learn how to do the household stuff like washing the clothes and other cleaning related things but I don’t know what the balance will be.
I’m nervous about work becuase I can’t remember a whole lot and there’s a bunch of new stuff and processes since I left 8 months ago.
So, now that my original plan went out the window the revised plan is this…
Matt is the home Dad
I work
we will probably continue this arrangement until the house is built, which is still a mystery at this point but should be around March.
Then we swap back.