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Parks by Colour

We’re lucky to have lots of parks to choose from in our area. It was Lincoln’s idea to start identifying them by colour. Up the road we have the red park, because it has a red roof and slide. The yellow park is a kilometre or so away and is so named because of its yellow roof. On Saturday we went to this one.


This is the green park. The only exception is the playground at Bradman Oval, which we call the steamroller park. Anyway, why is there always one solitary shoe left behind in public spaces? Who walks home with one shoe on?

Links I Liked – Late Edition

I’ve been getting my links out on a Wednesday, so far. But a hectic week of sick kids and an epic fail of a hangover last weekend meant that it just didn’t happen.

So, here it is on a Saturday, instead.

Todd Sampson is the hott-looking ad man on the Gruen Transfer. This is a great article in today’s SMH about his childhood and what it meant for his stellar advertising career.

There was a home office feature in a recent Apartment Therapy post. I work from home and I’m always looking for ways to make it better. (Perhaps unpacking the rest of my boxes and decluttering would improve things.)

I’m a big fan of Men With Pens and a couple of weeks ago they had a guest post about confidence. If you think you don’t have enough confidence, read this and you might find you’re wrong.

Damn You Auto Correct is a new blog with posts showing iPhone auto correct fails. This did the rounds of Facebook a week or two ago and had me in fits of laughter. Crying fits.

And from YouTube today, here’s something for this Christmas season. Flippy the cat demonstrates how to wrap a gift cat for Christmas.

Sometimes Things Just Work Out

New birdy dress

On Sunday, 106 couples took the opportunity to marry on the 10/10/10. Matt and I were at the wedding of one of those couples. And on the lovely grounds of Craigieburn in Bowral, where the ceremony was held, I spied someone wearing a gorgeous almost-floor-length navy dress with white birds all over it. I loved it instantly.

An hour or so later, when the guests and wedding party had moved on to Centennial Vineyards for the reception, I was lubricated enough to quiz the wearer and she’d told me she’d bought it locally—in Bowral!

I did a little happy dance, but because she was an out-of-towner, she didn’t know which shop she’d bought it in. Of course, I was too lubricated then to ask whether the shop was in an arcade or not, or on the main street or not.

So, today I checked every clothing store window on main street. It’s always in the last place you look, but it was also the only one left in the shop. And it was in my size. Clearly, it was meant to be.

Oh! See those dark clouds rolling in? That means Little Athletics was cancelled.